Who does the painting?

The painting has been done by a number of different people.  A paid student painter painted most of the original thirteen quilt blocks.  The project coordinator and a few of the Barn Quilt board members have painted some of the blocks.  Local committees, businesses and volunteer groups have painted also.  Many of the barn owners have gotten involved and painted their own blocks as well. 

How big are the blocks?

Most of them are 8'x8', but we have a couple blocks that are 12'x12'.  The size of the block depends on how close it will be to the road, and how much space there is on 
the barn to paint. 

Who pays for the project?

Initial support for the project came from the Grundy County Development Alliance, Grundy County Extension, and Grundy County Farm Bureau.  Since then, the GCDA and Extension have continued their support of the project, and we have also received grants from Silos & Smokestacks, Central Iowa Tourism Region, Opportunity works, and other sources.  Local banks, businesses, and individuals have sponsored some of the quilt blocks.

How much does it cost to do one block?

Depending on how much of the materials are donated or how much must be purchased, the cost of a block typically ranges anywhere from nothing to around $200. 

What kind of paint is used?

Any type of exterior-grade paint, latex or oil.

How were the quilt patterns chosen?

A committee of local quilters came together to choose the quilt patterns that have been used for the project.  Their objective was to find patterns that were representative of Grundy County, rural life, agriculture, etc.  We also wanted to use patchwork quilt patterns rather than applique patterns, because patchwork involves fewer curved lines, and is therefore easier to paint.

How did you choose the barns?

The barns that were painted in 2004 were chosen when two of the project organization drove around the county looking for barns that were easily visible from the road.  After the first year, most of the barns have been submitted for consideration by the barn owners themselves. 

How has Grundy County benefited from this project?

The Barn Quilts of Grundy County has brought over 30 motor coach tours through the county and numerous visitors have come for self-guided tours.  Local restaurants, shops, and museums have reported increases in their business due to the Barn Quilt Project, and the project has also produced opportunities for Barn Quilt annual calendars and cookbooks.